Message from the Dean


Tokat Gaziosmanpaşa University Faculty of Law was established on 20.08.2015 and the first students of our Faculty of Law were enrolled in 2021. Our Faculty of Law, which was founded in the hometown of Ibn-i Kemal (Kemalpaşazade), who was from Tokat and worked as a qadi for many years, a well-suited improvement for Tokat and excited us.


As a young and dynamic Faculty of Law in Turkey, our main goal is to ensure that you grow up and graduate as individuals who are committed to universal values, who can think objectively, who are open-minded and tolerant, who have internalized the aim of establishing justice, who are strictly bound to moral and professional ethical principles, who closely follow the developments in the professional field, and who use information technologies in the best way.


Since legal education does not only consist of the courses included in the weekly syllabus, we aim to cooperate with Bar Associations, other universities, institutions and organizations; to organize panels and conferences on new legal developments in our faculty; to organize interviews with legal theorists and practitioners; to combine theoretical and practical education with law clinics, which are practiced by a limited number of law faculties. In this context, our faculty provides education in Private Law Department and Public Law Department.


We welcome you to our campus, which is beautifully located in green nature, with good transportation and accommodation facilities. Our faculty, which aims to provide a quality education in Tokat and to train lawyers who will serve the rule of law and the establishment of justice, really excites us. In addition, we serve with a friendly academic and administrative staff who will deal with the problems of our students individually.


Do not forget that to be trained as a good lawyer, you have to work hard, follow the theoretical and practical developments in the field of law, and look at all kinds of individual or social problems from a legal perspective. We firmly believe that you will work in a planned and programmed manner from the first day you start your education.


With these feelings and thoughts, I extend my greetings and love to all of you and wish you success.